SunContract supports self-sufficient communities

The SunContract energy marketplace is for the fourth year in a row the only platform in Slovenia where the surpluses produced by your solar power plant do not go to waste but can be transferred to use in the following year or given to someone in another place. Likewise, this unique energy platform is the only one that already supports self-sufficient communities. We already have three types of community in the marketplace right now.

First case: 100% self-sufficient village Zavrate

Less than a year ago, we started the first self-sufficient village Zavrate in Radeče, which connected the villagers to the OVE (renewable energy source) community. The fact that all the villagers have come together, decided to build a solar power plant, and join the SunContract energy marketplace, represents a unique example of community self-sufficiency through solar energy. This community includes 7 households, supplied by electricity from two solar power plants, which are set up in two houses, and individuals who have made the roof available for solar power plants, as well as those who are merely consumers of electricity. This case sets a sustainable example based on bringing together the local community and advanced technology for a financially secure and environmentally friendly future.

Second case: first self-sufficient city center in Radeče

The municipality of Radeče and the company SONCE energija agreed to use the roof areas of the health home on which SONCE energija financed and set up a solar power plant. This covers the needs of the city center for electricity. In agreement with the municipality, SONCE energija offered all interested citizens and public institutions to join SOVES (self-sufficient renewable energy source) SONCE Radeče Centre. Those citizens and institutions that chose to do so have become energy self-sufficient and switched 100% to renewables, paying less for electricity than if they were not in the community. Similarly, in the event of surplus production over electricity consumption in a calendar year, each member of SOVES will be able to benefit from the SunContract platform options and freely dispose of them, transfer them to other measuring points, or to the following calendar year.

Third case: Yaskawa company

The installation of the solar power plant was also entrusted to the company SONCE energija by Yaskava, a high-technology factory of industrial robots. On the roof of the company in Kočevje is a solar power plant, which provides the company with 50 to 60% of clean energy for production in Kočevje, as well as for the unit in Ribnica. Electricity can be easily transferred from Kočevje by means of individual arrangements at the SunContract marketplace to its dislocated unit. On the sunniest days, however, the company produces additional surpluses, which will also be easy to sell through the SunContract marketplace to other customers. In this way, the SunContract energy marketplace also helps the economy and companies in these crisis times, when the price of electricity is flying into the sky and puts many companies ahead of the decision on whether to continue operating at all.

Full-service package

The model of self-sufficient communities is suitable for both households in towns and cities, for connecting public institutions, and of course for businesses. SONCE energija company connects a few such communities every month, which also join the SunContract energy marketplace. In doing so, we provide the entire package of services, from switching electricity suppliers to obtaining all relevant permits, setting up a power plant, and connecting to the marketplace. In this way, users who opt for our service package reduce the cost of electricity and source it exclusively from renewable sources.

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