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We unveiled the World’s First NFT Marketplace for Real World Solar Panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024 

SunContract made headlines with the launch of the world’s first global NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024 in Bucharest. This groundbreaking platform kicked off with a bang as the first series of NFTs, representing individual solar panels, sold out on opening day. SunContract was also honored with the prestigious Blockchain Project of the Year award.

SunContract Featured on Top Crypto News Outlet BeInCrypto

We’re really happy to share some fantastic news – our co-founder, Gregor Novak, and Strategic Director, Aymen Soufi, have been featured on BeInCrypto, which is considered one of the top three crypto news outlets globally. The platform’s multilingual content reaches a wide audience, making complex topics accessible to a diverse readership.

SunContract Cancelled Collateral Requirement in January’s Strategic Shift 

Starting this year, at SunContract, we are canceling the collateral requirement for customers transferring surpluses and joining the platform from January of this year.

Explore our newly launched NFT website

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – the official launch of our NFT landing page is here! You can embark on an informative journey on the page, exploring everything the project offers.

SunContract Wins Environmental Project of the Year Award at AIBC Eurasia Conference

We are thrilled to announce that SunContract won the ‘Environmental Project of the Year’ award at the highly anticipated AIBC Eurasia conference held in Dubai from March 13 to 16, 2023.

Your assets are safe on SunContract

The falls and busts on the crypto scene, as we have seen recently, have no impact on the operation of SunContract and pose no danger to SunContract.

Gregor Novak among the sustainable leaders

Gregor Novak received eminent recognition as leader of sustainable development.

Ethereum upgrade

Due to an upgrade of the Ethereum and transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake presumably between September 14-15, 2022, we’ll as a precautionary measure disable SNC withdrawals.

Complementing the P2P energy trading platform with non-energy services

The SONCE energija company is involved with its energy marketplace SunContract in the international I-NERGY project.

New management and team expansion of SunContract

In August this year, the SunContract energy marketplace, received new management and was strengthened with new colleagues.

SONCE energija received the energy award

SONCE energija, an exclusive partner of SunContract in Slovenia, received the energy award for the best promotional project of URE OVE. Their 100% self-sufficient community in Slovenia, the village of Zavrate, convinced the readers, that it really means a breakthrough in the photovoltaics market in Slovenia. 

Home of the elderly with our help to cheaper electricity and heating

In March 2022 we finished with the activities for project BETAi (Blockchain Energy Trading with Artificial Intelligence). On the celebratory event that took place at Dom Lenart, home of the elderly in small Slovenian town Lenart near Maribor, Gregor Novak, CEO of SunContract and Head of Development and Innovation at SONCE energija, presented the role of both companies in this innovative project, that will improve lives of residents and help reducing heat and electricity costs.

SunContract received an Energy Award from slovenian national newspaper Finance

Our unique energy marketplace SunContract is the recipient of this year’s Energy Award in the category of the best promotional project EEU / RES, selected by the commission of experts. The awards are traditionally granted for the 23rd year in a row by the national newspaper Finance.

Ethereum London fork service update

Ethereum London Fork and its most important improvement proposal, EIP-1559, is coming very soon, and Suncontract will be supporting this upgrade by pausing all ETH deposits and withdrawals for the duration of the change.

2020 SunContract Yearly Project Update

The year 2020 was metamorphic not only for us or the renewable energy sector but also the entire world. The pandemic affected various industries, and the renewable energy sector is no different. Despite the US Energy Information Administration’s prediction that electricity consumption would likely fall by 3.9% year-on-year in 2020, SunContract has emerged stronger than ever. In 2020, we achieved record sales and revenue in electricity sales and energy self-sufficiency products.

Switching to new web domain in our communication

Our communication with our platform users is our prime concern and to optimise it we have switched our web domain. We replaced suncontract.energy with suncontract.org, so our future email communication will be sent out from suncontract.org.

Changes in marketing management global team

Our respected CMO Winfred K. Mandela decided to embark on new endeavours in her professional life. We dearly respect her contribution at SunContract and wish her success with her new career. At SunContract we are focusing on core business by strengthening the R&D and communication core of the P2P marketplace SunContract by introducing our Product […]

We have temporarily disabled SNC deposits and withdrawals

We have temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals while there is an open investigation of issue with the recent network upgrade for some Ethereum nodes. We kindly advise you to temporarily hold on with your SNC deposits and withdrawals within the platform until the Ethereum community resolves the sync issues since new transactions will not be […]

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