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Explore our newly launched NFT website

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you – the official launch of our NFT landing page is here! You can embark on an informative journey on the page, exploring everything the project offers.

SunContract Wins Environmental Project of the Year Award at AIBC Eurasia Conference

We are thrilled to announce that SunContract won the ‘Environmental Project of the Year’ award at the highly anticipated AIBC Eurasia conference held in Dubai from March 13 to 16, 2023.

Your assets are safe on SunContract

The falls and busts on the crypto scene, as we have seen recently, have no impact on the operation of SunContract and pose no danger to SunContract.

Gregor Novak among the sustainable leaders

Gregor Novak received eminent recognition as leader of sustainable development.

Ethereum upgrade

Due to an upgrade of the Ethereum and transition from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake presumably between September 14-15, 2022, we’ll as a precautionary measure disable SNC withdrawals.

Complementing the P2P energy trading platform with non-energy services

The SONCE energija company is involved with its energy marketplace SunContract in the international I-NERGY project.

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