Households are lowering their electricity costs by
up to 20%

Did you know that households have the possibility to lower
their electricity costs without adjusting their consumption?
Thanks to SunContact, you can!

Pay Less For Cleaner Energy

Lower your contractual electricity prices by making direct agreements with local producers of renewable energy.


Access competitive marketplace prices

The SunContract marketplace narrows the gap between wholesale energy prices and the retail energy market, allowing energy buyers to access competitive prices, and save on their electricity costs.

Purchase your electricity directly from local producers

Meet your energy needs by sourcing them directly from our local producers of renewable energy. Our energy producers generate: hydro, wind, solar, biogas, cogeneration – we have it all!

Monitor and manage your electricity consumption

SunContract’s advanced data monitoring features allow our costumers to monitor their daily, weekly, monthly, annual energy usage. Energy costumers can now track and adjust their energy behaviours as they see fit.

Don’t have the time? We can manage your activities for you!

Our new energy management service offers costumers an opportunity to reap the benefits of the SunContract marketplace, by delegating the trading activities to our partnering service provider.

How it works?

For the last two years, marketplace participants on the SunContract platform have been receiving financial benefits through local trading of renewable energy at the retail level. Producers can make more money and consumers can save more money since the costs of operations of middleman companies are eliminated. 

How to get started?

So, you’ve now read about all the benefits and can’t wait to get started?! You have just a few steps left!

The transition to the SunContract Platform is sooth and does not involve any intermittent power loss. The electricity is provided by our exclusive local energy partner SONCE energija d.o.o. Start now and secure competitive electricity prices from renewable energy sources!

Select your basic contractual plan. You can further lower this contract price by buying energy on the SunContract energy marketplace.
With your basic details:
name, contact, address.
We’ll prepare a contract and send it to you for signing.
Once signed and sent back, we take care of the rest so that you will be able to access the energy marketplace.
Worried you won’t be happy with our service?
We’re doubtful that this will be the case. But in the event that it is, you can cancel at any given time!


Every month I am accessing pocket friendly electricity deals on the SunContract energy marketplace. But what makes it even more fascinating than the price for me, is the fact that I can choose the source of electricity I prefer to use, from an exclusively renewable array of options. Personally, I prefer to choose electricity from a solar power plant and so I can use this source even if I can’t install my own power plant at home..


I am really concerned about how we are treating the environment these days. So the information on where my electricity is coming from is of great importance to me. I’ve chosen SunContract as it offers electricity exclusively from renewable sources. This is really great.

Personal message
from President and Co-Founder

Having decades of combined work experience in the energy sector, we were extremely dissatisfied by the industry’s exploitation of the energy customer. While electricity has become a basic need in our lives today, energy customers have for the longest time had no say in their energy prices, sources and choices in general. This gave birth to the SunContract idea.

Today, you can decide the prices you buy electricity at for your household. You can even select the sources of renewable energy that you prefer. Want to buy energy from your neighbour next door? We’ve made this possible too with SunContract. Households have been able to do this for the last 2 years. This is the kind of energy sector that I believe in, that we believe in.

President and Co-Founder of SunContract


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Considering producing your own energy?

Investing in a solar power plant is a smart and safe investment option for your home!

Energy Independence

Eliminate entirely your electricity costs and save money on the long run.

Contribute to cleaner environment

Energy produced by the sun is green and preserves our environment as we know it now.

Use all the electricity you produce

Transfer your current year’s energy surpluses to the next year or donate it to your loved ones.

Get ready for e-mobility

With your own power plant you can produce all electricity also for you electric car.

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