The societal energy mix is shifting from oil and gas to renewables, public and private organisations are working hard to decarbonise the economy, new ecosystems are forming, and increased electrification poses unique opportunities and challenges. Discover more about the energy transition and all things energy on the SunContract blog.

2023 Overview: As a high-tech company, SunContract is sought after in international markets

In 2023, the SONCE group, which includes SunContract, achieved remarkable successes both domestically in setting up solar power plants and in the energy market. We have established solid foundations that will enable us to enter foreign markets in 2024, where we are invited as a high-tech company in the field of energy by foreign partners. […]

Glossary of Basic Blockchain Terminology

Understanding the basic concepts of blockchain technology is crucial for anyone wanting to engage in the rapidly evolving world of digital currencies and decentralized technologies.

Join the Conversation: SunContract is on Discord

At SunContract, we're perpetually evolving and exploring novel ways to foster our connections within the community. Building on our existing platforms, we're thrilled to unveil our new Discord channel, a real-time messaging platform that paves a fresh path for us to engage, exchange, and learn collectively.

SunContract is expanding: our energy marketplace is coming to Croatia soon!

SunContract's strategic expansion to Croatia marks an important milestone in realizing our vision to create a global energy marketplace (GEM) without intermediaries. Our goal is to offer all existing services and solutions of the SunContract platform in Croatia as of the new year 2024.

The Perfect Harmony: How NFTs Seamlessly Integrate into SunContract’s EcoSystem 

Our innovative solutions have allowed us to create a unique, transparent, and forward-thinking EcoSystem that supports economic, social, and environmental sustainability. Our latest innovation, NFTs and the NFT Marketplace, fit perfectly into the SunContract EcoSystem and become its fourth pillar.

Ask-Me-Anything: Gregor Novak on the Growth and Future Plans of SunContract

We recently held an 'Ask-Me-Anything' session with SunContract's community to discuss the company's growth and future plans. Here are collected all the answers from our co-founder, Gregor Novak, to many different questions from our community.

‘Environmental Project of the Year’ Awarded to SunContract! Here’s why it matters. 

SunContract's AIBC Eurasia award win is a testament to the power of environmental awards in shaping a sustainable future. By raising awareness, recognizing excellence, and fostering innovation, these awards inspire us, and other companies, to develop eco-friendly solutions that benefit both the planet and its inhabitants. 

Unlocking the Power of Technology: Everything You Need to Know about Blockchain

As the world continues to digitize, blockchain technology stands out as one of the most promising innovations, alongside artificial intelligence. Although commonly associated only with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology is much more than that.

Recap 2022: The SunContract energy marketplace is a winner even during the energy crisis

Despite the turbulent period in the Slovenian energy industry, we are pleased that this year SunContract and SONCE energija are once again recording top results.

AMA: new services and changes in the energy market

Here are answers to your questions on July's AMA.

SunContract supports self-sufficient communities

SunContract energy platform is the only one that already supports self-sufficient communities.

Radeče is the first self-sufficient city center in Slovenia

The municipality of Radeče and the company SONCE energija, our exclusive partner in Slovenia, have agreed to use the roof areas of Health Center in Radeče for a green agreement and a transition to a carbon-free city.

Coexistence of agriculture and energy industry: agrovoltaics is the future

Agrovoltaic devices bring solution for more energy need and for protection of plants.

How to lower your electricity prices with SunContract

Save money yourself and to your loved ones with use of SunContract energy marketplace.

AMA: All you want to know

Thank you for showing an immense interest in SunContract, SNC, NFT. We appreciate every question you posed on our social media. Fell welcome to read all your questions and our answers.

Increase of platform traffic, self-sufficient users, 100 % increase in turnover

Despite pandemic and electricity price developments SunContract concludes an exceptionally successful year. We gladly share with you some important and gratifying information.

SunContract provides community self-sufficieny

In recent months a lot of new and interesting things have been going on at SunContract. In this article, we will highlight a few of the most memorable moments of the past few months and give you a sneak peek into what is about to come.

100% Renewable Energy Transition by 2050 — both possible and affordable

In an era of accelerating climate change, environmental degradation is proving to be an existential threat to Europe and the world at large. As such, the EU is further strengthening the momentum of the global energy transformation from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

2020 EUROPE’s first-time renewable sources of energy generate more electricity than fossil fuels

In 2020 as the world at large came to a stillstand we witnessed the positive growth of more environmentally friendly energy sources. This trend will most likely continue to grow in 2021.

The Day Europe’s Power Grid Almost Faced a Massive Blackout

On Friday, 8 January 2021, a disturbance in the synchronised European high-voltage power grid resulted in the separation of European grid regions, cutting Europe’s power grid into two: a south-eastern and a north-western part — for about an hour. This incident has been described as one of the most critical near-blackout situations since the region’s last major blackout in 2006.

Solar Panels in Art

Yes, solar panels are recyclable. But not only in the classic way, by processing individual elements of panels. They are also very useful in art. How exactly, we saw for ourselves, visiting an exhibition by artist Norma de Saint Picman.

Energy-based blockchain applications and their contribution towards smarter energy communities

The energy industry has been consistently catalyzed by innovations including rooftop solar, electric vehicles, and smart metering. Now, the blockchain presents itself as the next emerging technology to spur growth in the energy sector through its smart contracts and systems interoperability. The World Economic Forum, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, and PwC released a […]

What happens to Solar Plants after their Lifespan?

There is an abundance of items that get better with age. For example: wines, cheeses, cast iron skillets, high-quality leather, and 401Ks. However, this isn’t the case with a lot of equipment you invest in. Whether it’s a car, tractor, or solar power plants, most of these have a finite useful life. While deciding if […]

Benefits of an Energy Marketplace

Energy providers around the globe are being forced to operate in a whole new world today. Everything and everyone is increasingly connected and energy customers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles as both buyers and sellers of energy. At the same time, majority of society today overwhelmingly supports a quick transition to […]

9 Summer Tips for a Lower Energy Bill

By a great deal, the largest portion of your energy bill comes from your home’s heating and cooling system. With ACs running all day during the summer, energy customers can expect to receive some of their highest energy bills of the year between June and September.  Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer in the summer […]

Monitoring your Energy Use with SunContract

We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, and even our mobile devices nowadays can be tracked, so why not track our energy use? At SunContract, we believe that people should have readily available data regarding their energy use, and for this reason we provide an energy monitoring system on our platform. What is Energy Monitoring […]

Benefits of an Energy Marketplace

Energy providers around the globe are being forced to operate in a whole new world today. Everything and everyone is increasingly connected and energy customers are embracing innovative technologies and taking on new roles as both buyers and sellers of energy. At the same time, majority of society today overwhelmingly supports a quick transition to efficient, […]

Blockchain Redefines Energy & Digital Trust

The emergence of blockchain technology in 2008 significantly revolutionised the payment system in the financial sector. And as time went by, more and more industries began to realise that they too could reap the benefits of this technology. One of these industries, was energy. For the longest time, in the energy sector, electricity could only […]

Rationale for Green Growth in Energy

Energy is an indispensable input to economic activity. Let’s take one second to consider the Industrial Revolution… Harnessing energy sources to replace manual and animal labour was the platform of the industrial revolution, which turned out to be a period of unparalleled economic and social development. Now in the 20th century, the world population has […]

The Evolution of Consumer Behaviour in Energy

It is evident that today’s consumers, in any sector, have little or nothing in common with the consumers of twenty or twenty-five years ago. This new profile is the result of numerous circumstances, in many cases inherent in the evolution of life and the progress of society, and in other cases related to the evolution […]

Energy Sector Joins the Sharing-Economy

Technology has radically changed almost every major industry as consumers take control and turn the world into a sharing economy. Airbnb has allowed homeowners to compete against major hotel chains; online booking sites like Expedia have eliminated the need for travel agents; Uber has turned the taxi industry on its head. In each case, existing […]

5 Simple Ways to Become More Sustainable

The World Economic Forum’s third annual Sustainable Development Impact Summit opened in New York City with an affirmation that the world has the science, data, know-how and public awareness to solve the challenge of climate change – what is needed now is intensified collaboration and communication to implement and scale solutions. The reality of things, […]

7 Reasons Why People are Going Solar

Many people are becoming aware that installing solar is a great energy efficiency upgrade for their homes, and they are eager to contribute towards a cleaner environment, all while improving the value of their property. The truth of the matter is, the sun is a near-infinite source of energy and a key component of achieving […]

8 Myths about Solar Energy - Debunked!

At SunContract, one of our primary goals is to ensure our customers have the information they need to make educated decisions about their investments in renewable energy. While there are a lot of resources available both online and offline, it can be overwhelming to navigate, and some of it is just straight up inaccurate! We […]

P2P Energy Trading – Is There a Market for It?

Traditionally, power systems have been supplied by large fossil fuel generation plants, with most people participating as passive consumers of electricity. But today, power systems are undergoing a fundamental transition, brought about by the rapid adoption of electric vehicles, roof-top solar, home batteries and other distributed energy resources. As a result of the transition of […]

P2P energy trading platforms  -  the renewables ally

Currently, almost 80% of the world energy is still provided by fossil fuels while energy demand is increasing in all regions of the world. In the face of climate change, environmental destruction and the rising cost of fossil resources, societies are driven to adapt and achieve sustainability. Renewable sources along with high energy efficiency are […]

Is the Future of Energy Really Digital?

The energy industry has undergone significant changes in recent years, and with these changes, it’s inevitable that there will also be some challenges. For example, the combination of more renewable energy resources, more distributed generation, and an aging grid means that the industry needs to evolve and roll out more complex distribution systems than there currently […]

3 Industries benefiting from Blockchain Technology

For the longest time, society has relied entirely on big intermediaries such as banks, energy retailers and governments to establish trust in our economy. We depended on these intermediaries to perform all the business and transaction logic – from authentication, to identification of people, through to clearing and settling of records.  Overall, intermediaries have done a good job, but there continue […]

Understanding Market Capitalization in Crypto

 If you’re dealing in cryptocurrencies, one of the terms you’re going to hear quite often is “capitalisation” or “market cap”. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you an easy explanation of what market cap means, and hopefully you can understand, after today, why it matters. If you go to, you can see all the different crypto […]

SunContract’s SNC Token is ERC20… What does this mean?

By now, we must all know that SunContract’s SNC token is an ERC20 token… But do you know what it means to be of ERC20 standard? If not, don’t worry, you’ll soon be well informed! Ethereum Platform ERC20 tokens are designed and used solely on the Ethereum platform. The Ethereum platform consists of a blockchain that is […]

Blockchain — SunContract’s principal technology driving the energy transition revolution

Electric power systems around the world are rapidly changing. For over a century, these systems have relied largely on centralized, fossil fuel plants to generate electricity to end users. Utilities had a straightforward objective: to provide electricity with high reliability. Climate changes urged governments to set a new ambition for electric power systems. The way […]

Monitor Your Home Energy Usage with Blockchain-Based SunContract

Majority of homeowners who invest in solar power plants aim to either lower their energy costs or reduce their carbon footprint. The great thing about solar energy is that: no matter what your motivation is, installing solar power plants in your home will do both of these things for you.  Once you have a solar […]

Let’s Talk Non-Renewables… Is There Really a Case for Renewable Energy?

We’ve all paid a utility bill or purchased gasoline. Those numbers on our bills represent the direct cost of fossil fuels; money paid out of pocket for energy from coal, natural gas, and oil. But those expenses don’t reflect the total cost of fossil fuels to each of us individually, or collectively as a society. Known […]

Global Outlook for Renewable Energy Investments

Renewable energy will march forward this year, due to “remorseless reductions in the costs of solar and wind electricity and of lithium-ion batteries,” Angus McCrone, the chief editor of Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) wrote in a commentary.   Less investment in renewables   Among the noted observations was that solar investments in 2018 tumbled to USD 130.8 billion mainly due […]

Five Benefits of Renewables that every Business Should Consider

As momentum builds for cities around the world to switch from fossil fuels to renewable sources, the number of households reported to be predominantly powered by clean energy has more than doubled since 2015.  Businesses too, are beginning to realize that there are benefits that come with opting for renewable sources to power their operations. […]

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