SNC Token

An innovative Ethereum-based payment method

SNC Token is a globally recognized, digitally tradable, digital asset which is primarily used for the buying and selling of electricity and energy products on the SunContract ecosystem.

SNC token provides value to all its stakeholders in different ways.

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An ideal solution for both energy consumers and producers

For many decades, electricity could only be used at the point of generation or sold back to the grid at a bare minimum price.

At SunContract, we have a modern approach to electricity. As any other commodity, we believe it too should be directly tradeable between those who generate it, and those who consume it.

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A Payment Method

Buy and sell energy and energy products on the SunContract platform

Customers on the SunContract platform have the option to make or receive payments for their electricity and energy self-sufficiency products in SNC token or Euros. While some energy customers may set their payment preference as Euros, all transactions on the platform are settled behind the scenes using our real-time currency conversion technology, in SNC tokens.

Why do we do this?

We use blockchain technology to verify and execute transactions.

This technology is not compatible with traditional fiat currencies and requires the use of digital currencies. Therefore, all transactions (including those executed in euros) are in the background of the platform executed in SNC tokens.

Please note: Customers who want to pay in Euros are not influenced by the SNC token exchange rate fluctuations as the conversion is done on the same day for daily electricity billing.

Buy clean,
green energy
Purchase energy
self‑sufficiency products
Receive payment for
your energy surpluses

An economic opportunity

Clean energy investment hit $2.6 trillion in the last decade

The global energy supply is turning greener. The scale of investment going into clean energy represents a growing chunk of the money flowing into the power industry, with renewables expected to draw about $322 billion a year through 2025, according to separate forecasts from the International Energy Agency. That’s almost triple the $116 billion a year that will go into fossil fuel plants and about the same as what will be invested in power grids.

Investing in renewable energy is therefore an economic opportunity for those who see the bigger and long-term picture. It is a decision that investors around the world increasingly made in the last decade, and it is expected that more investors will invest even more in this new decade.

Increasing renewable energy capacity
Growing renewable energy investment
Economic opportunity for early-bird investors

Buying and transacting in SNC Token creates immense opportunity with the potential to immensely reward such participants in the short and long term.

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SNC token info

Market Cap

Volume (24h)

Circulating Supply

Max Supply

122,707,503 SNC

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Exchanges we’re listed on

You can purchase SunContract’s SNC token in a simple, safe and quick way on the following exchanges:

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