Radeče is the first self-sufficient city center in Slovenia

Radeče city center with its solar power plant

The municipality of Radeče and the company SONCE energija, our exclusive partner in Slovenia, have agreed to use the roof areas of Health Center in Radeče for a green agreement and a transition to a carbon-free city. SONCE energija has built a 112 kWp solar power plant on the roof of Health Center, which will produce approximately 120 MWh of electricity per year and it covers the needs of the city center for electricity.

According to the legislation, municipality and SONCE energija enabled customers connected in the city center to the same transformer station as the solar power plant, connection into SOVES (self-sustainable community).

In agreement with the municipality, SONCE energija offered all interested parties and public institutions to join SOVES SONCE Radeče center, thus making the electricity client self-sufficient.

On 10 June 2022, 15 electricity customers living in surrounding houses and block dwellings also officially connected to SOVES and became electricity self-sufficient. Due to the excess power of the electrical connection permitted by the Regulation, Health Center of Radeče was not able to connect to the self-sufficient OVE community. However, it will be able to benefit from approximately 60 MWh of surplus electricity from SOVES indirectly through a cheaper supply of hot sanitary water and heating assistance of the facility, which SONCE energija company will supply with the help of a heat pump also connected to SOVES.

A key advantage of community integration is that electricity consumers under SOVES will not feel the increase in electricity prices in 2022, which is already happening as a result of rising energy prices on the global market, and their bill will, on average, be even lower than it was before the price increases.

“In the case of production surpluses generated over electricity consumption in a calendar year, each member of SOVES will also be able to benefit from the SunContract platform options and freely dispose of them, transfer them to other measuring sites or to the following calendar year. All this can be done with a few clicks on the SunContract platform,” explained Gregor Novak, head of development and innovation at SONCE Energija and Director of energy market SunContract.

Tomaž Režun, mayor of Radeče, added: “I am extremely pleased that the project not only looks beautiful, but has also come to life, from the implementation to the start of operation. At the same time, it represents an excellent contribution to our local community.”

Citizens and institutions involved in SOVES have thus become energy self-sufficient and switched 100 % to renewable sourcing, paying less for electricity than if they were not in the community. In this way, together with the Municipality of Radeče, they give their concrete contribution to a cleaner environment, health, and the smooth transition to a carbon neutral city.

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