A blockchain innovation with the goal of a green energy future

SunContract’s vision is to create a GEM – Global Energy sharing & trading Marketplace that allows  each and every energy customer (residential, commercial and industrial) to  interact directly with one another, without a need for intermediaries,  allowing them to become more  sustainable  and  energy  self-sufficient. 


Our blockchain application has successfully been in operation from the year 2018. Our energy clients include residential, industrial and commercial businesses in Slovenia – EU. Reducing the reliance of energy customers on fossil fuels is a major focus of SunContract’s efforts to mitigate climate change and we view blockchain as a promising technology for achieving this.



Clean. Green. Decentralised.

Our blockchain-based business model allows renewable energy producers to sell energy to the end customers directly. As a result of eliminating a central intermediary, we increase feasibility of renewables.  This is because producers of renewable energy can raise their prices, while consumers can lower their prices at the same time.

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The global energy market is estimated to be worth:
2 trillion

However, it is largely centralised by a few corporations. As a result, energy retailers and wholesalers tend to participate in an oligarchy that negatively affects customers. Consequently, the contribution of energy customers is restricted to subscription of energy services as opposed to active participation on these energy markets.

But in the modern world where consumer behaviour is gravitating towards greater inclusion and environmental consciousness, this outdated system has a number of shortcomings and it needs to change. The goal of our innovation is to incentivise energy customers on both sides of the production and consumption equation to want to either produce cleaner energy or consume more of it.

We harness science and innovation to solve this

SunContract’s blockchain-based innovation meets the needs of the evolved, now-active and environmentally conscious electricity customers. We do this simply by allowing them to make their energy-related decisions by themselves.
Instead of forcing producers to dump surplus power back to the power grid, SunContract is embracing the transition towards a sharing economy. We allow domestic producers of electricity to share their energy with loved ones or sell it directly to strangers on our blockchain based energy marketplace.

The replacement of energy suppliers with mathematical algorithms based on blockchain technology, smart contracts and artificial intelligence, removes margin costs which energy market participants have been subject to. It also allows these energy market participants to split amongst themselves the profits that the energy supplier would have otherwise received in the traditional business model. 

SunContract’s blockchain based application is compatible with existing grid infrastructure and also compliant with the existing framework of legislations.

We support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

A focus on
renewables only,
to support SDGs

At SunContract, we believe that all technology and innovation should contribute towards all three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – and our energy marketplace achieves all three.
Become efficient
Save more
Earn more
Go green

Our progress:

  • Setting up a new P2P energy marketplace for dynamic pricing
  • Rolling out a new, global crypto energy services
  • Development of a P2P retail-level cross-border energy trading marketplace infrastructure for cross border P2P energy trading between countries
  • Development of new AI based services
  • UX upgrade and frontend redesign of SunContrct Mobile and Web Apps
  • Market share expansion
  • Platform upgrade specifically for self-sufficient villages
  • Received an Energy Award from Slovenian national newspaper Finance
  • Named as one of Europe’s Best Green Startups by Valuer Magazine
  • Onboarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) experts to working towards platform scalability for 1m+ users
  • Team increased by 30%
  • Lowered energy costs for local customers by up to 40%
  • Financial Disclosure of project
  • Introduced revamped electricity invoice with savings included
  • Received €4.659M Horizon 2020 grant along with BRIGHT partners
  • Approved Estonian License to become cryptocurrency wallet custodian
  • Team grows by 10+ employees
  • Tripled energy producer capacity contracts signed for 2021
  • Increasing of electricity sales for 50%, growth of clientele approx. 40%
  • Partnership with local municipality
  • Platform UX upgrade
  • Along with SunContract partners received $2.1M EU Grant for R&D
  • New electricity management portal
  • Onboarding of industrial and commercial energy customers
  • 5000+ registered users
  • Opens new operational office in Estonia
  • SunContract energy marketplace platform launches to the national market
  • First trading with electricity
  • Enabling electricity purchasing with SNC crypto tokens
  • Mobile and Web App first version
  • Introduction of fiat gateway to the SunContract platform
  • SNC token listing on top global exchanges
  • SunContract’s world introduction trough Euro-Asia tour through 18 countries
  • Crowdfunding on blockchain completed
  • Promotion of SNC token
  • New Crypto Exchanges listing of SNC token
  • Testing SunContract energy marketplace platform
  • Balance Responsible Party in Slovenia established
  • Analyzing markets
  • Legal matters
  • Blockchain in energy analysis
  • API + Data gathering
  • Crowdfunding preparation activities

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Who are we?

Co-Founder and President
Mojca Bajec
Co-Founder & CFO
The Team
Chief Executive Officer
Matic Grebenc
Chief Information Officer
Aymen Soufi
Strategic Director
Jevgenia K. Savchenko
SunContract Estonia
Filip Božić
SunContract Croatia
Nina M. Poklič
Head of Marketing
Domen Butala
Energy Trading
Leo Lu
Solar Markets
Our advisors
Dr. Jesus Nieto Martin
Energy Market Advice
PhD Boris Horvat
Business Model Advice
Milan Gabor
Information Security
Our community managers


We’ve partnered with some of the best companies in the industry to provide exceptional service to our customers.

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Interested media can contact us at:

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