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SunContract energy marketplace is the #1 marketplace for energy consumers who are interested in lowering their electricity costs, and renewable energy producers who are interested in increasing their profit on surplus production.

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Buy or sell energy on the SunContract energy marketplace

At SunContract, we have a modern approach to electricity. As any other commodity, we believe it too should be directly tradeable between those who generate it, and those who consume it. Our energy marketplace achieves this, and by doing so, creates an ideal solution that removes the inefficiency costs that energy customers have been forced to pay for the last 100 years.

Join SunContract as an energy consumer

Our marketplace delivers an uninterrupted supply of clean, locally sourced renewable energy to our residential and business energy consumers, at a competitive price.

SunContract’s technology matches every unit of clean energy generated by our producers to energy consumption in real-time so that you can reach your household’s or business’ goal of clean energy, every hour of every day.

Lower your energy bill by up to 15%

Competitive prices due to direct price agreements
Ability to switch to the best rates on the market at any time
Support for local producers of renewable energy
Free access to our real-time energy data-monitoring features

Join SunContract as an energy producer

Increase your energy revenue by up to 20%

  • Do you own a power plant and still buy electricity from your dealer?
  • Would you like to sell your surplus electricity directly to buyers at a higher price?

Producers on the SunContract platform are increasing their revenue through the following options:

Producers can enter a one-year contract where we buy all your surplus for the year at a competitive price OR
Producers can sell their energy directly to energy customers at a price that they define on the SunContract marketplace.

Benefits for Producers

Direct price agreements with energy consumers.
Free access to our real-time energy data-monitoring features.
Produce energy at one location and directly consume it at additional locations.
Increase your earning potential by creating your own circle of clients.
Automated monthly invoicing and inflow to your current account.
Reap all these by delegating your energy management to us.

Become energy self-sufficient with SunContract

Want to keep your energy surpluses at the end of the year? SunContract allows energy prosumers the following options at the end of each year:
  • Customers can either transfer their surpluses to loved ones OR
  • They can use their energy in the next year

We believe that the energy you produce is yours. We don’t want it. This is why, unlike energy retailers, we do not take these surpluses from our customers.

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Shaping a sustainable energy future

The societal energy mix is shifting from oil and gas to renewables, public and private organisations are working hard to decarbonise the economy, new ecosystems are forming, and increased electrification poses unique opportunities and challenges. Discover more about the energy transition and all things energy on the SunContract blog.

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