Lower your business’ energy costs by up to 20%

Protect the environment while lowering your business utility bill.


Lower your
business’ utility bills

Whether you own restaurants, small offices, a retirement home or an industrial facility, there is always something you can do to cut energy costs and increase your business’ efficiency. With SunContract, it’s actually quite easy!


Lower your
energy costs

The SunContract marketplace narrows the gap between wholesale energy prices and the retail energy market, allowing businesses who don’t produce their energy to purchase it at competitive prices, and lower their electricity costs.

Increase your company’s marketability through commitment to sustainability

By purchasing electricity from local producers on the energy marketplace, you get electricity exclusively from renewable sources and at a price of your choice.

Monitor and manage your
electricity consumption

SunContract’s advanced data monitoring features allow our customers to monitor their daily, weekly, monthly, annual energy usage. Energy customers can now track and adjust their energy behaviours as they see fit.

Too busy to use our marketplace? We can optimize your energy
costs for you! 

Our new energy management service offers customers an opportunity to reap the benefits of the SunContract marketplace, by delegating the trading activities to our partnering service provider.

How to change your
energy supplier?

So, you’ve now read about all the benefits to your business and can’t wait to get started?! You have just a few steps left!

The transition to the SunContract Platform is smooth and does not involve any intermittent power loss. The electricity is provided by our exclusive local energy partner SONCE. Start now and secure competitive electricity prices from renewable energy sources!

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Select your basic contractual plan. You can further lower your price by buying energy on the SunContract energy marketplace.
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We’ll prepare a contract and send it to you for signing.
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Once signed and sent back, we’ll take care of the rest so you’ll be able to access energy marketplace!
Worried you won’t be happy with our service?
We’re doubtful that this will be the case. But in the event that it is, you can cancel at any given time!


Joining the SunContract platform was definitely a good decision for us, as we saved more than 7 percent on electricity costs in less than a year. Which is a lot for our home in numbers and exceeded our expectations.


I am so happy with my decision to switch to SunContract. We have reduced our carbon footprint while reducing our electricity costs as well. By going green, we are increasing the appeal of our business to prospective and current customers.

Personal message from President and Co-Founder

Many companies spend hundreds of thousands  on energy every year. This is not just costly, but it also represents an often overlooked opportunity to reduce risk, increase resilience, and add value across the board. As environmental concerns grow more urgent and new technologies emerge, companies must respond to these shifts with a robust energy strategy.

At SunContract, we are committed to helping businesses develop an energy strategy that aligns with your firm’s values and competitiveness. Is lowering your carbon footprint important to your business? Do you want to lower your energy bill while doing good for the environment? And would you like to improve your marketability all at the same time? We want you to talk to us.

President and Co-Founder of SunContract


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Considering producing your own energy?

Investing in a solar power plant is a smart and safe investment option for your business!

Energy Independence

Depending on the size of the solar power plant, you can reduce or even entirely eliminate your electricity costs.

Increase your earnings

Earn more money by selling your excess electricity on the SunContract energy marketplace.

Extra savings

By consuming electricity at the same location where it is produced, you can save extra on network charge.

Financial incentives

Thanks to various subsidies offered by the state for the construction of power plants, your investment in renewables can be paid off even earlier.

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