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Electricity producers that sell their energy on the SunContract platform are increasing their revenue by up to 20%! Join them today.



Sell your electrcity
at higher prices

You can increase your contractual price of electricity by selling it directly to the end customer on the SunContract marketplace.

Meet all your electricity needs, regardless of powerplant location

Thanks to the SunContract platform, our producers are using their generated electricity to meet all their energy needs, regardless of where their power plant is located.

A flexible approach
to selling your energy

By selling electricity on the SunContract marketplace, you have the decisional power to select whomever you sell your energy to, and at which price you sell your energy at. You can also adjust your selling price, depending on the market situation.

Don’t have time?  We can optimize your selling prices for you! 

Our new energy management service offers customers an opportunity to reap the benefits of the SunContract marketplace, by delegating your energy selling activities to our partnering service provider.

Sell your renewable energy on SunContract and earn more profits!

Read about the benefits and can’t wait to get started?! You have just a few steps left.

The transition to the SunContract Platform is smooth. We buy your electricity for the entire year, at a predetermined, fixed contract price. You can raise this price by selling it directly to consumers on SunContract.

Fill out a very
short form
With your basic details: name, contact, address.
We take care
of the rest!
We’ll prepare a contract and send it to you for signing.
all set!
Once signed and sent back, we take care of the rest so that you will be able to access the energy marketplace.


Our decision was very pragmatic, as the SunContract platform enables renewables trading, which is what our company does. The fact that SunContract is based on blockchain technology was just another plus as we find it very interesting and we believe in it transforming society in the future. I am convinced that the energy market will become even more interesting for trading in a few years.


What we loved about the platform the most is that we can now use the electricity we produce at one site, for consumption in our other units that are located at a different location from the solar power plant. As a result of that, we are experiencing the benefits from both sides of the production and consumption spectrum. We’re making more money selling energy through SunContract. And our properties that are not generating energy are saving money by consuming energy we produce elsewhere, via SunContract.

Personal message from President and Co-Founder

P2P electricity trading which I sometimes like to refer to as the “Uber” or “Airbnb” of energy, is a system that allows producers of renewable energy to sell their electricity at their desired price to consumers willing to pay that price.

I’m proud to say that our business producers on SunContract platform have this flexibility of setting their energy prices that they sell their electricity at, allowing them to increase their profits. They can also decide who they sell their energy to by either selling their energy to strangers on the Marketplace, or using our Personal Agreements Feature to sell or donate their surpluses to their loved ones or other businesses and households.

Our business producers have reported increase in revenue by up to 20% on some months, thanks to SunContract’s energy marketplace.

President and Co-Founder of SunContract


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Considering a solar power plant investment?

Investing in solar is a smart and safe investment option for your home and business!

Energy Independence

Depending on the size of the solar power plant, you can reduce or even entirely eliminate your electricity costs.

Increase your earnings

Earn more money by selling your excess electricity on the SunContract energy marketplace.

Extra savings

By consuming electricity at the same location where it is produced, you can save extra on network charge.

Financial incentives

Thanks to various subsidies offered by the state for the construction of power plants, your investment in renewables can be paid off even earlier.

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