How to lower your electricity prices with SunContract

In the light of recent events with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict unfolding right before our doorstep, the prices of oil, gas, and electricity have skyrocketed. According to the BSP SouthPool Energy Exchange the price of electricity increased three-fold just in one year, in March was it even seven-fold! (see graph below)

Price in March:

Source: BSP SouthPool

March 2021:

Source: BSP SothPool

A stated by the Dutch stock exchange the price of gas increased by more than six times, in March was it even by twelve times! (see graph below)

Gas price

Additionally, there is a general concern that the price of many everyday items and food could be higher than ever before. Amidst all of this many Europeans have already taken up the practice of hoarding canned food items and stocking up on barrels of petrol but is this the right way? At SunContract we are pioneering self-sufficient households and communities which are not only beneficial for the environment but also help to save you a lot of money in the long run.

In this article we present you five options how you can become more self-sufficient and avoid higher living cost.

Switch to renewable energy

If you are afraid of the current rise of oil and gas prices why not consider switching to solar panels, hydro, wind or biomass energy? At SunContract we offer you the possibility to use electricity which comes from renewable sources. Renewable energy is not only eco-friendly a new study conducted by the Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) shows that nearly two-thirds of renewable energy sources were cheaper than the cheapest fossil fuel. Having a greener household and home are also excellent options. At first the installation of a solar power plant on your new green home might seem expensive but it is much more efficient and saves you money in the long run. Additionally, you can decide for yourself how you will dispose of your excess electricity through the SunContract Marketplace and share it with your loved ones.  This can help them reduce the cost of electricity and enable them to use the clean energy.

The past year (2021) was very fruitful for the owners of self-sufficient solar power plants on the SunContract platform. Together they have produced about 1 GWh of surplus energy. Which is equal to the amount of electricity consumed by about 200 households with a standard electricity consumption of about 5,000 kWh. The amount of electricity transferred was almost 50,000 Euro on average, 200 Euro per person (including VAT) if we talk about household consumption. For small business consumption, the number of transferred surpluses was slightly higher.

Use a self-contained heat pump

Switching to electricity to heat and cool your home is a great way to become more self-sufficient, especially since heating alone takes up about 43% of your household energy.  Heat pumps are more efficient than a traditional electric furnace and air conditioning. A heat pump also helps you save money, on average the investment pays itself off in about 8 years, while the lifespan of a traditional heat pump is about 20 years.  At SunContract‘s exclusive partner in Slovenia, SONCE energija, we offer you the possibility of installing a heat pump that can also be paired with your existing solar power plant.  A heat pump is also a great solution to reduce environmental pollution. 

Drive an electric car

The gas prices have reached a historic high so why not switch to driving an electric vehicle instead? The EU is planning to become climate neutral by 2050 and therefore the EU wants to boost the production and usage of electric cars. By 2050 the EU could produce enough batteries so there wouldn’t be any need to rely on imported cells. Electric vehicles cost on average less than half as gas-powered cars. Furthermore, electricity prices tend to be much more stable than gas prices and the battery technology continues to improve so that electric cars can be used for long-distance driving as well.  In addition, electric cars have fewer maintenance requirements and much lower maintenance costs.  It goes beyond saying that electric cars are also much better for the environment and have lower emissions than gas flued cars. 

Install IR panels

IR panels are an economical way to heat your home. While installing a heating system will IR panels require a small intervention in your living area, you can enjoy extra savings in the long run. IR panels offer many benefits such as lower power consumption, long operating time and it’s suitable for all types of homes.  In addition, there are also zero maintenance cost. IR panels are also space saving and discrete so you can have them in any room in the house without any inconvenience.  If you have a power solar plant and generate your own electricity IR panels can be excellent addition to your self-sufficient household.

Grow your own food

Growing your own food is an essential step into becoming more self-sufficient. Even if you live in the middle of a big city, you have plenty of options for growing your own food. For example, you can grow your own window farm or join a community garden. Growing your own food will help you reduce your carbon footprint, additionally, it will save you money on groceries. If this option is not possible for you try to buy from local farmer’s markets or drive to a local farm and participate in communal farming or rent a plot of land. There is nothing more satisfying than harvesting your own local, eco-grown food. 

In summary, self-sufficiency is not only a passing trend but a necessity in today’s day and age. Not only do we help the environment we also save money in the long run and acquire some new skills.

Imagine, if you had installed a solar powerplant that produces all the electricity your household consumes, even for the heat pump that heats your home and for your electricity car, you could yearly save up approx. 4 to 5 thousand euros. For this kind of money your family could afford a nice summer vacation or even trip abroad. Not bad is it. 😊

You can find everything for your energy self-sufficiency on our SunContract platform. Register for free on the energy marketplace and send an inquiry for your own solar powerplant, heat pump or IR panels or get your own electricity car charger for optimal charging of your electricity car. We will find the right solution to your energy needs.

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