Clean. Abundant. Independent. The most important source of renewable energy available today that could provide a decentralized power supply.


Secure. Autonomous. Trustworthy. Buy and sell clean energy directly through the SunContract Energy Pool using blockchain network and smart contracts.


Plain. Simple. Transparent. Energy trading without intermediary that directly connects Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Consumers to create a global self-sufficient energy community based on renewables.

Our Vision

Decentralized. Smart. Clean.

SunContracts goal is to contribute to a greater independence where it comes to energy, finance and mobility.

The Contract with Sun

A world we can be proud of.

Take Destiny of the Planet In Your Hands

Human behaviour is the main cause of pollution. Utilizing renewable energy could help to cope with this problem without waiting for global political decisions to come.

Keep Energy Profits In Your Pocket

SunContract presents a new model than enables sharing profits between energy producers and consumers directly, without middleman.

Digitization of Electricity

With digitization of electricity we give it a digital value backed with actual assets and thus make it flexible, transferable and tradeable.

How it works

SunContract joins together Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and Consumers. Once you connect to the pool through mobile APP registration, you become a consumer or supplier of clean renewable energy and improve your financial situation.

World Team

Together we could build a stronger economy, take a step closer to a sustainable society and create a healthier and more secure future for everybody.

Become a part of it! Our team is already present in Europe (Germany, Slovenia ) and in the Middle East, but we are always looking for people who would like to contribute and be a part of world team. Join us on Forum or GitHub.

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