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Open energy market of the Future

It's time to seize control of your local energy market

The SunContract platform empowers individuals, with an emphasis on home owners, to freely buy, sell or trade electricity. Instead of being hamstrung by natural monopoly of traditional power generators and distributors, you can now exchange electricity with any person you wish directly. Simply join the platform and select from an array of services.

By creating this platform, SunContract gives you the opportunity to become completely energy self-sufficient. Through the platform you can buy electricity, solar power plants, heat pumps and storage units and select between a wide array of energy products and services. For the first time in history you can decide on how much to pay for and to what extent even sell home-generated, green and blockchain-backed energy. You can now build an self-sufficient, eco-frinedly, green energy community.


By buying green energy products from the SunContract platform, you can now back a community of small, local power producers. Moreover, you can become one. For the very first time, SunContract gives you an opportunity to directly support renewable sources of energy that can secure the environment for our future generations.


For more than a century Electric Power Industry dominated the energy markets. They had full sovereignty over generating, transmitting, distributing and selling of electric power. This “natural monopoly” is about to change thanks to SunContract. Homeowners will now have the power to select their energy producer and individuals will be able to engage in an exchange of electricity directly with their neighbors and local community. From now on, you will be able to produce electricity in your home or buy it directly from the people you know.


With SunContract platform, you have an option to pick not only the origin of your energy supply, but also the price you are comfortable with from financial and ecological standpoint. On your personal dashboard you are able to follow your daily energy consumption and adjust it as you see fit.


SunContract is devoted to the development and implementation of the latest technological breakthroughs. Thanks to Blockchain, the next generation of data storage solutions are here with us. This facilitates a high level of transparency for all and lowers barriers between participants on the market. SunContract platform enables full overview of your personal data, transparency and trustworthiness.

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Open energy market

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