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We created the world’s first NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels. Here you can buy NFTs and create your very own ‘Personal Power Plant.’

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SunContract is the #1 destination for energy consumers who are interested in lowering their electricity costs, and energy producers interested in increasing their returns on surplus production.  

Energy Marketplace

A Global Currency for Your Energy Needs

Market cap:

4,435,760 €

Volume (24h):

134 €

Total supply::

122,707,503 SNC

Circulating Supply:

73,020,508 SNC


SunContract NFT Marketplace

Reshape the future of clean energy with SunContract NFT’s

Join the SunContract Marketplace!

SunContract is the #1 destination for active energy consumers who are interested…

A Global Currency for Energy Needs

SNC Token is an innovative Ethereum-based payment method

Suncontract is a blockchain-based P2P energy trading platform

The SunContract Marketplace offers a wide variety of features that make it an ideal place to buy and sell renewable energy. The SunContract platform today has more than 10.000 registered customers within the EU – Slovenia. Customers can buy and sell energy directly with one another nationwide, in the absence of intermediaries. The energy sharing activities on the energy marketplace are all in compliance with the frameworks of existing legislations.  

Your Energy Marketplace

Make direct price agreements with buyers and sellers on the SunContract Marketplace. Save more money as a consumer. Make more money as a producer.

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An energy solution for everyone

Buy or sell your preferred renewable energy option on the SunContract marketplace.

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Monitor your energy activities

Access your energy data regularly: daily, weekly, monthly, annually. This allows you to adjust your behaviour accordingly.

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Your energy self-sufficiency vendor

Receive a free consultation about our self-sufficiency products today.

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Harnessing Scientific Innovation and Technology to Achieve SDGs

At SunContract, our goal is to give control to energy customers while helping them reshape their habits into more sustainable ones.

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We believe that all technology and innovation should contribute towards all three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental — and our energy marketplace achieves this.
The power distribution system continues to become more efficient, transparent and customer-centered as more and more businesses and households are integrated into the SunContract ecosystem.
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Methods of Payment

You can choose any of the payment methods in your account with SunContract as your preferred payment method in the Funding section of your account settings.

SunContract allows you to make payments using the following methods:

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Euros via fast and
easy SEPA deposit
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