2023 Overview: As a high-tech company, SunContract is sought after in international markets

In 2023, the SONCE group, which includes SunContract, achieved remarkable successes both domestically in setting up solar power plants and in the energy market. We have established solid foundations that will enable us to enter foreign markets in 2024, where we are invited as a high-tech company in the field of energy by foreign partners.

By focusing on technological innovations, we have solidified our position as leaders in the field of renewable energy sources. With an emphasis on developing new infrastructure, increasing the number of users of our services, and implementing advanced technologies, we have set new standards in the energy industry. Our achievements in 2023 not only show our growth and development but also contribute to global efforts for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

2023 in Numbers

1. SONCE Energy Achievements

We have installed more than 1,450 new solar power plants with a total peaking capacity of more than 28 MW: In 2023, we will have surpassed the milestone of 4,000 plants installed in total, which means we have created a network with a total peaking capacity of more than 70 MW and a capacity to generate more than 75 GWh of energy per year. 

In 2023, we spent just over 63,000 modules on new solar power plants. That’s an area similar to 25 football fields. With all the plants installed this year, we will generate 29,000 MWh of clean electricity a year – enough to drive an electric car to the moon and back 180 times!

2. SunContract’s achievements

More than 4,200 new users on the SunContract energy marketplace, a 50% increase compared to the previous year. In total, we have surpassed 15,000 users on the SunContract platform. In Slovenia alone, we have gained 3,000 new customers, most of them households.

More than 4,400 P2P agreements: the high number of agreements signed shows a strong community sharing the same values and vision for a sustainable energy future.

142 GWh of turnover within the balance group (of which just over 80 GWh generated and just over 60 GWh consumed): SunContract is able to supply a large number of households and businesses with renewable energy, contributing to reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

3. SONCE Group

35-percent growth in the number of employees: We offer opportunities and possibilities to individuals with knowledge and ideas who share our values of a clean environment and care for our planet. Our domestic colleagues have been joined by experts from Hungary, Croatia, Estonia, Tunisia, and more. Each new team member brings fresh ideas and knowledge, making us stronger and more capable of facing the challenges of the future. Together, we are now more than a hundred regular employees, with at least twice as many external collaborators.

4. SunContract in Croatia

The strategic expansion of SunContract to Croatia marks an important milestone in realizing our vision to establish a global energy market. In 2023, we prepared everything necessary to actively start operating in Croatia in 2024, where we aim to become an active supplier of electricity and the unique provider of the SunContract energy market. SunContract has already obtained a license for the balancing group in Croatia. The company in Zagreb is also registered and already operational.

5. International achievements

The SunContract team was very active in 2023, presenting at conferences abroad. Here are just a few glimpses of our international activities where we showcased innovative energy services that we will offer to our users at the beginning of 2024.

Our solution to combine blockchain services and renewable energy sources aims to enrich the green transition with better services. Our users will be able to access personal renewable energy sources (PPP or Personal Power Plant) with the help of NFT tokens.

That’s why we presented our new service enabling Personal Renewable Provision (PRP) through the Global Energy Marketplace at the Blockchain Week conference in Istanbul. The presentation was initially met with amazement as to how such an innovation was even possible, but then the participants enthusiastically welcomed the global innovation offered by SunContract.

In Barcelona, we participated in a panel and had a booth at the European blockchain convention, where we presented the global energy marketplace to the blockchain community.

We were also very active in Lisbon, where we presented our global energy market at the Web Summit, a world meeting of high-tech companies. The event had about 70,000 visitors from high-tech companies and countries, and our global market received exceptional interest from both investors and country representatives.

Invitation from Japan: We have also received an invitation from Japan, requesting the SunContract team to attend a meeting with representatives of leading Japanese high-tech companies to discuss possibilities for implementing the SunContract energy market in Japan. The interest in the P2P energy market is tremendous, and we are pleased that others have recognized us as reliable potential partners.

This year, we also received the “Environmental Project of the Year” award at AIBC Eurasia, emphasizing the power of combining advanced technologies with environmentally friendly practices. This prestigious award is given to carefully selected organizations that stand out in environmental sustainability, promote green innovations, and inspire a sustainable future.

6. SunContract in global media

Interested in how we’re writing the story of the global innovation we’ll bring to our users in 2024?

A company from the SONCE energy group built a solar power plant of 517 kW peak power some time ago in the village of Višnje near Ajdovščina, consisting of 2,112 solar panels. In the spring, we will issue 2,112 non-fungible tokens or NFTs, and each NFT will act as a certificate, issued on the blockchain, confirming the lease relationship of individual panels of the solar power plant in Višnje. Thus, the owner of the NFT token will receive the benefits of the lease relationship for the exact panel of the solar power plant in the village of Višnje.

This means that in the future, in areas where SunContract is also present, someone will make individual arrangements between their Personal Power Plant (PPP), represented by all NFTs, and their consumption at home, in the company or anywhere on the energy marketplace. However, if the owner of the NFTs is at home outside SunContract’s areas of presence as an electricity supplier, the person will be able to actively manage their PPP on SunContract’s P2P energy marketplace and thus receive payments in SNC tokens into their blockchain wallet on the SunContract platform. This service for purchasing NFTs will be available globally, allowing anyone to become the manager of their own renewable energy source, produced in the cleanest way, from the sun.

This is one of the first integrations of a digital token with real assets using blockchain technology and will be the first of its kind in the energy sector worldwide.

Solar energy, which promotes the green transition in the interest of preserving the environment, is thus challenging the centralized energy system based on fossil fuels. In an effort to give every individual real opportunity for self-sufficiency, SunContract’s global innovation, with its first project in Višnje, Slovenia, is an innovative renewable energy achievement that pursues the following objectives: digitization of the energy sector, decarbonization or reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) emissions from energy sources, deregulation and decentralization of energy markets, and democratization of the energy sector. It is the democratization of the electricity market that allows end-users, i.e. households, businesses and communities, to have a greater say and influence in the way electricity is produced, distributed and consumed. This requires them to have greater access to renewable energy sources, and consumers to have more power in deciding where their electricity comes from and how it is used.

In the quest to give every individual a real chance for self-sufficiency, SunContract’s global innovation in Cherry is a historic renewable energy achievement! Soon you will be able to read and hear about it and the village of Višnje in the foreign media!

You can also find out all about NFTs on our new website, which we’ve updated with all the information you need about our innovation. Find out more about our NFT project here.

Full of plans and optimism for 2024

For SunContract, 2023 was a year full of landmark achievements and important steps forward. We look back with pride on what we have achieved and look forward with optimism to the future, where we will continue our mission to create a cleaner and more sustainable world. Thank you to all of you who are part of this story and who share our vision of a better future!

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