We unveiled the World’s First NFT Marketplace for Real World Solar Panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024 

SunContract made headlines with the launch of the world’s first global NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024 in Bucharest. This groundbreaking platform kicked off with a bang as the first series of NFTs, representing individual solar panels from a solar power plant in Višnje near Ajdovščina, sold out on opening day. SunContract was also honored with the prestigious Blockchain Project of the Year award.

A Leap Forward in Blockchain and Solar Energy

Gregor Novak, co-founder and Development Director of SunContract: “The event marked a significant milestone for the global blockchain community as we unveiled ‘The Personal Power Plant,’ the world’s first NFT marketplace representing real-world solar panels.
The response from the global audience surpassed our expectations, with the first batch of NFTs selling out within just one day. The enthusiasm continued, and it is projected that another batch will be completely sold out within three days. Anticipating the same trend, we expect the entire collection to be sold out within one to two weeks.
The overwhelmingly positive responses we received from around the world have provided us with confirmation that we are on the right path. By blending blockchain technology, NFTs, and real-world applications in the solar energy sector, we are making a significant impact on the industry. This success underscores our commitment to fostering a sustainable future and reiterates our position as a hybrid, cross-sectorial, community-based organization.”

Vision, Dedication, Innovation

Jošt Štrukelj, Director of SunContract Slovenia: “We’ve once again demonstrated what it means to simultaneously have a vision, dedication to a goal, and innovation. We’ve introduced a completely new dimension to global energy self-sufficiency for individual consumers. The hidden desire of all users for a breath of fresh air in the energy sector turned out to be true, as the NFTs were sold out on the first day. This is proof to all of us that we need to introduce modern methods of energy supply into traditional energy sectors. At SunContract, we started first. And we won’t stop.”

SunContract Wins Blockchain Project of the Year

Aymen Soufi, Strategic Director of SunContract: “Launching our game-changing NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels at Crypto Expo Europe was an adrenaline-fueled experience. Our crypto community wasted no time snatching up the first batch in a mere 24 hours, shattering expectations. Winning the coveted Blockchain Project of the Year award was the ultimate stamp of approval, affirming our trailblazing commitment to revolutionizing renewable energy with blockchain innovation. «

Aymen Soufi receiving the Blockchain Project of the year award.

Industry Recognition and Future Prospects

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Sonia Dunlop, CEO of the Global Solar Council (GSC), who lent her voice to this historic moment for the solar and blockchain industries. Her involvement emphasized the importance of SunContract’ s innovative approach to supporting the green energy transition through web3 innovations, art, and culture. »The sun is the fastest-growing source of energy. My prediction is that it will become the dominant source in the near future. «

Innovative and Visionary Roundtables

At the conference, Tadej Slapnik from the World Metaverse Council expertly moderated two panels. His exceptional leadership brought together leading experts from the energy, environmental, and blockchain industries to collaboratively explore the future of energy and technology at these roundtables. Participants contributed their findings and predictions for future trends. His guests also included Blockchain Lawyer Ivo Grlica and Miroslav Polzer, CEO of the Climate Chain Coalition.

From the left: Tadej Slapnik – CEO Worl Metaverse Council, Miroslav Polzer – Climate Chain Coalition, Sonia Dunlop – CEO Global solar council, Gregor Novak – Co-founder and President of SunContract

Let’s Connect!

We invite all professionals, innovators, and enthusiasts in the blockchain, renewable energy, and tech sectors to connect with us. Let’s explore how we can collaborate to further revolutionize the energy sector and make a lasting impact.

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