We have temporarily disabled SNC deposits and withdrawals

We have temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals while there is an open investigation of issue with the recent network upgrade for some Ethereum nodes. We kindly advise you to temporarily hold on with your SNC deposits and withdrawals within the platform until the Ethereum community resolves the sync issues since new transactions will not be shown.

Ethereum’s latest blockchain upgrade went live on the 15th of April. The syncing issue appears to have snarled on OpenEthereum nodes which is also the technology implemented into SunContract Energy Marketplace. SunContract P2P Energy Marketplace services and EUR SEPA transactions are not affected as well as other services are fully running.

Stay tuned for further updates and we will inform you about the completion of the syncing process when you will be able to deposit and withdraw in SunContract platform again. We kindly thank you for your understanding and patience.

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