SunContract Featured on Top Crypto News Outlet BeInCrypto

We’re really happy to share some fantastic news – our co-founder, Gregor Novak, and Strategic Director, Aymen Soufi, have been featured on BeInCrypto, which is considered one of the top three crypto news outlets globally.

The platform’s multilingual content reaches a wide audience, making complex topics accessible to a diverse readership.

Now you understand why we’re excited, right?

This website is a key player in the cryptocurrency and technology news space, known for its reliable, clear, and accessible reporting on various topics, including digital currencies and blockchain technology.

Being showcased on such a platform is a significant opportunity for us at SunContract – it allows us to introduce our innovative approach to energy trading and unique energy solutions to a broader, tech-savvy audience. We see this as a key step in broadening the understanding and appeal of our blockchain-based energy trading platform.

It’s an excellent chance to engage with an audience that is already interested in technology and digital currencies and might be keen to learn more about renewable energy and its integration with cutting-edge tech.

Be sure to take a look at Gregor and Aymen’s features. You can also explore our company profile to see what the team at BeInCrypto thinks about us.

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