The Evolution of Consumer Behaviour in Energy

It is evident that today’s consumers, in any sector, have little or nothing in common with the consumers of twenty or twenty-five years ago.

This new profile is the result of numerous circumstances, in many cases inherent in the evolution of life and the progress of society, and in other cases related to the evolution of the energy sector itself and all the other sectors that make up the economy.

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As a result, companies too have to focus on consumers’ expectations for an increasingly more personalised experience. This consumer-company relationship evolution is taking shape in aspects such as digitalised customer service, self-management by consumers and proactive advice. 

It is safe to say that the arrival of new technologies and digital transformation change the pace of traditional electricity companies. The digital opportunity has two aspects; 

  • it enables traditional energy products to be improved upon and 
  • it allows for new products or business models like that of SunContract to be built

It is expected that future energy consumers will follow the path of current demand and, increasingly, they will claim that their experiences in other more advanced sectors are possible too in the energy sector.

We can already see this in energy — as the P2P energy trading trend is essentially a spinoff of Uber’s business model, or other decentralized companies such as Airbnb, AliBaba and the like.

In turn, energy companies need to place the focus on analysing current consumer trends in order to understand their application within the energy sector and whether they fit with the company’s philosophy and strategic roadmap. 

Adapting to this new customer and satisfactorily fulfilling their needs and demands is a priority issue. To achieve this, it is important to properly manage customer service channels and analyse and manage the information that customers provide, beyond their consumption.

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