The Day Europe’s Power Grid Almost Faced a Massive Blackout

On Friday, 8 January 2021, a disturbance in the synchronised European high-voltage power grid resulted in the separation of European grid regions. Europe’s power grid was cutted into two: a south-eastern and a north-western part — for about an hour. 

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This incident has been described as one of the most critical near-blackout situations since the region’s last major blackout in 2006. That incident led the German Association of the Industrial Energy and Power Industry (VIK) to warn EU citizens and policymakers “not to lose sight of the issue of grid stability and security of energy supply.”

At SunContract we believe that energy self-sufficiency, based on renewables and combined with locally distributed energy storage (batteries), is the right answer for European energy security.

Read the whole article, written by our CEO – Gregor Novak on his LinkedIN profile.

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