Solar Panels in Art

Yes, solar panels are recyclable. But not only in the classic way, by processing individual elements of panels. They are also very useful in art. How exactly, we saw for ourselves, visiting an exhibition by artist Norma de Saint Picman.

She recently created a series of expressive oil paintings on solar panels as part of the Noravisionsolar project. The project is linked to the idea of sustainable development and creative recycling. Norma de Saint Picman envisioned the use of creative paintings on used solar panels as a means to decorate large public space and help spread awareness about renewable energies.  One of these series incorporated in the Noravisionsolarproject is called Metamorphoses – The World of Change. The installation was exhibited in the lobby of the Slovenian Ministry of Culture and it concluded the cycle of exhibitions known as ARTES DEI.  

At SunContract we value green energy and taking care of our environment, so we were really excited to give our old, used solar panels a makeover at the skillful hands of Norma de saint Picman and turn them into real works of art. This collaboration was a unique approach in merging art with technology.  It showed us that there is much beauty even in such mundane things as solar panels. Norma was kind enough to gift us one of her works which now proudly hangs in the SunContract office.   

Blockchain lady – SunContract, 2019

Who is Norma de Saint Picman?

Norma de Saint Picman

She is a Franco Slovenian intermedia artist working in painting, graphic, and sculptures on a global scale collaborating with art galleries in New York, L.A, and Paris.  Her postmodern style incorporates graphic works on paper from the Paris period, aquarelles, and digital graphics which merge contemporary art with classical elegance. She is a pioneering artist who includes new technologies and a global blockchain-based Art platform – Noravisiondecentralized.  

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