New management and team expansion of SunContract

Brina Bensa Šteger, Jošt Štrukelj, Marko Bregar

In August this year the SunContract energy marketplace got new management and was strengthened with new colleagues. The new CEO of the SunContract platform is Jošt Štrukelj, an expert in energy, sales, and information security, who is aware that SunContract is “a revolutionary solution that currently does not have competition.” Marko Bregar, an expert in the European wholesale electricity market, also joined the team as director of electricity wholesales and trading. Megan Easey, an expert in strategic management, marketing, and product development, also joined the team. Megan comes from South Africa and lives and works in Malta.

The new management will continue the vision of expansion into foreign markets. “The SunContract energy marketplace is a unique project in the energy market, enabling all electricity customers who become members of the marketplace to conduct electricity trading. Our vision is to present the energy market in other EU markets and beyond, enabling all electricity consumers to decide for themselves the price they are willing to pay for the energy consumed,” says Jošt Štrukelj. It is precisely because of the marketplace that he looks optimistic about the future despite the extremely uncertain state of the energy market, “because SunContract is a unique opportunity to empower energy consumers.

Marko Bregar, who, during his career, got to know the European electricity market from the perspective of a large producer, European regulator and electricity trader, says: “The essence of the green transition is that it brings the decentralization of electricity production, thus enables the end-user to become at least partially less dependent on external influences in terms of costs.” He notes that the price of the green transition will undoubtedly be high, but with the use of new information technologies and new business models less than would otherwise be: “I believe that SunContract, which has managed to overhaul the traditional business model of electricity supply with its P2P energy exchange system, undoubtedly puts this achievement at the role of a serious competitor in the green transition race.

Already in the spring, Brina Bensa Šteger, the key account manager, joined the team. The fruits of her knowledge and many valuable experiences are already seen in everyday operations, especially in increasing the number of large business customers and producers in the SunContract marketplace.

Gregor Novak, latest CEO of SunContract and its co-founder, believes we have significantly strengthened the team that will be able to focus on expansion and new products: »All four new management team members are outstanding professional and human resources acquisitions for SunContract. Megan, Marko and Jošt are people with a wealth of managerial experience and a built-in sense of what is happening in the market, and Brina is distinguished by an excellent business vein for building and maintaining excellent customer relations.« Gregor Novak, as Chairman of the Management Board, will continue to lead the development and innovations of SunContract as well as the entire SONCE group.

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