Monitoring your Energy Use with SunContract

We track calories, footsteps, miles per gallon, and even our mobile devices nowadays can be tracked, so why not track our energy use? At SunContract, we believe that people should have readily available data regarding their energy use, and for this reason we provide an energy monitoring system on our platform.

What is Energy Monitoring Anyway? 

Energy monitoring is the collection of energy data for fresh insights into your energy consumption and or generation. It enables the tracking, recording, and visualization of energy consumed and produced by your facility or portfolio of facilities and is typically performed at an aggregate building level for your energy use. 

While energy monitoring on its own does not yield instant energy savings, it provides measurements and insights into our energy use that can be used to identify ways to lower energy use and our energy bills. If you’re, needlessly running up your energy bill, for example by leaving the AC on while you’re away on vacation for a month, there’s no better way to identify this waste than with energy monitoring.

Lower your energy costs

By measuring their energy consumption on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, SunContract customers can see the bigger picture of their energy use which allows them to save more by adjusting their behaviour where they identify the need to do so. 

Budgeting and planning

The SunContract energy monitoring feature is also used by SunContract customers for planning and budgeting purposes. By tracking historical energy usage, businesses and households using SunContract’s platform are able to develop forward-looking budgets for annual energy consumption and cost, which can be further lowered on the energy marketplace. 

Learn more about the benefits of our energy marketplace here

Calculate ROI on energy efficiency upgrades

Now consider pursuing an energy efficiency upgrade… With our energy monitoring feature, businesses and households have the ability to calculate their return on investment by comparing the reduced energy usage from one period to another, with the costs of the efficiency upgrade – which allows them to make informed decisions as to whether they should seek additional funding for further efficiency improvements.

SunContract helps you save!

It really does! With energy insights from the platform and our competitive energy marketplace offers, customers report savings of up to 20% which they say justifies their switching over to SunContract. 

Interested in lowering your energy bill? 

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