Monitor Your Home Energy Usage with Blockchain-Based SunContract

Majority of homeowners who invest in solar power plants aim to either lower their energy costs or reduce their carbon footprint.

The great thing about solar energy is that: no matter what your motivation is, installing solar power plants in your home will do both of these things for you. 

Once you have a solar power plant installed, it’s pretty important for producers to be able to see how much energy their panels are producing. For SunContract customers, all you need to do is log onto SunContract‘s blockchain-based platform and it’s easy to see how much power your system is generating, as well as how it’s changed over the past several days, weeks, or months.

For example, here’s what my energy production data looks like with production data only. My home produced about 140 kilowatt-hours of energy last week:

What about energy consumption?

Getting the most out of your system shouldn’t just be about knowing how much you produce — it’s also about knowing how much you’re using, and really engaging with the full picture of your solar performance. That’s why SunContract customers have access to not only production data, but also their consumption information.

At SunContract, energy production and consumption monitoring are one of the many ways we’re working to help empower you to make the most of your home energy solution. So, whether you want to better understand your energy consumption to improve your home’s energy efficiency, or to help you understand the charges on your electrical bill, our production and consumption data feature comes in very handy. 

Blockchain + Renewables = Sustainability + Self Sufficiency

Additionally, by using our blockchain-based platform for P2P energy trading, producers of renewable electricity can now connect directly with electricity buyers in an open energy marketplace, where they define the terms on which they agree to trade electricity. This allows producers to increase their profits, while reducing the electricity costs of consumers.

This also promotes sustainability since the electricity buyers are enabled to use renewable energy without having to own the necessary production infrastructure. And ultimately, this promotes self-sufficiency – as we move from dependence on monopolies towards a decentralized, customer-focused sharing economy.

How to get it?

Want access to the sustainability and self sufficiency features on the SunContract platform? It’s simple! Sign up below:

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