International Business Magazine Awards 2024: SunContract won four prestigious awards

The International Business Magazine Awards is a prestigious event organized by the renowned International Business Magazine. The event aims to recognize and honor companies and organizations that stand out in the global business market. The awards ceremony occurs in Dubai, where the best companies from the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas are highlighted.

This year, SunContract was also among the recipients of these prestigious awards. We received four awards for our unique global NFT marketplace, where real solar panels are connected to NFTs.

We received awards for:

  • Best Blockchain Project for Sustainability in Europe 2024
  • Best NFT Marketplace in Europe 2024
  • Best Tokenization of Real-World Assets Europe 2024
  • Best Renewable Energy Project in Europe 2024

These awards are a significant recognition of SunContract’s unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation, as we strive to provide technologically advanced solutions. They also serve as a strong motivation for us to continue pushing the boundaries of excellence and pursuing sustainable solutions on a global scale.

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