Gregor Novak among the sustainable leaders

Last night Gregor Novak, co-founder and president of SunContract and co-founder of SONCE energija, at the International Conference Dunavski biznis forum in Serbia, received eminent recognition as leader of sustainable development. He also participated in a roundtable on energy challenges and solutions.

“Gregor Novak has brought a revolution in electricity trading to the Danube Region. Through a combination of energy community concepts with the help of blockhain technology, he is together with his team successfully developing the SunContract energy platform, where we can get cheaper electricity. Through sustainable development he creates new professions of the future,” they wrote in a statement.

They pointed out that SunContract provides a new way of trading in renewables, connecting renewable energy sources and coordinating supply and demand in the retail market. The European Commission, which supports the development of renewable sourcing and digitization, also supports the processes of expanding and installing digital infrastructure such as the SunContract platform.

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