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A first of its kind, we are leading the way in the renewable energy sector yet again by tokenizing our existing solar power plants using NFTs.


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It’s time to revolutionize the renewable energy industry with NFTs

As the world transitions to a more sustainable future, the demand for clean energy sources is on the rise. Solar power has emerged as one of the most promising sources of renewable energy. And now, we are taking the next step in the energy revolution by offering people the ability to benefit from solar panels and earn an income by doing so.

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Our vision is to support a global self-sufficient energy community.

Our P2P energy marketplace is already combining energy producers and consumers.

It’s based on renewable energy and peer-to-peer energy trading that is executed with blockchain and smart contracts.

With the addition of NFTs to our P2P energy marketplace, you will be able to benefit from solar panels. As such, you will generate green energy, make money, and contribute to a better future with NFTs.


When you buy an NFT you benefit from a real-life solar panel
You can purchase up to 100 NFTs
NFTs offer you the ability to generate daily income
You will be able to sell the NFTs on secondary markets

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