Complementing the P2P energy trading platform with non-energy services

The SunContract peer-to-peer energy trading platform based on blockchain is operated by SONCE energija, a Slovenian company. The platform allows customers to buy and sell electricity directly from peers without any intermediaries and in this sense allows for the formation of self-sufficient virtual communities. It joined the I-energy project to enable the utilization for the provision of non-energy services in the area of personalized safety/security at home.

The main pilot location is Home of elderly Lenart with approximately 220 residents, PV power plant, heat storage and EV charging station. The edge gateway provided by COMS will be employed to allow for real-time data aggregation from smart meters and other measurement devices.

The goal of the pilot is to conceptualize the non-energy services for personal safety/security  and ambient assisted living based on the deployed sensor infrastructure and aggregated data from elderly care house. Therefore, we are improving non-energy service by utilizing the fingerprinting methods for modelling devices and behavior, improving flexibility by creating a virtual community with dynamic load management based on non-energy service and optimizing costs by holistic analysis to increase and better match local production and self-consumption.

The solution is going to provide insights into activities within the home in terms of behavior profiles, signature extraction, event classification, and it is going to support care givers by triggering alerts in case of anomalous events.

Central to the regular use is the ability to transmit data automatically and hence support the digitization and personalization of care provider’s services. I-NERGY project is therefore a great opportunity for SONCE energija to complement the SunContract platform with non-energy services for ambient assisted living virtual communities.  

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