CEO of the Global Solar Council Sonia Dunlop in Slovenia: “We are at the beginning of a significant global solar energy boom.”

On May 31, we hosted Sonia Dunlop, CEO of the Global Solar Council, in Slovenia. She visited the world’s first tokenized solar power plant in Višnje near Ajdovščina, Slovenia, toured our company’s headquarters, purchased a set of NFTs related to solar panels on our NFT marketplace together with her family, and visited Slovenian high-tech company Pipistrel.

According to her, SunContract’s innovation of connecting NFTs with solar panels is a solution for many worldwide who don’t have their own roofs or finances for a solar power plant on their roof. SunContract’s innovation enables this access for them as well: “The innovative blockchain solution created by SunContract through the tokenization of solar power plants is an excellent example of using new technology and cryptocurrencies to provide all eight billion people on this planet with new and innovative access to solar energy. I look forward to collaborating with SunContract to expand this model worldwide,” said Sonia Dunlop.

During her visit, Dunlop also highlighted that solar energy is currently “the fastest-growing source of energy on the planet, the fastest-growing energy source in history, and the most dominant renewable technology.” She believes we are at the beginning of a significant global boom in solar energy.

“We are greatly honored that Mrs. Sonia Dunlop and the Global Solar Council have recognized our innovation as extremely important, groundbreaking, globally usable, and accessible. We are pleased that through her, the word about our NFT marketplace will reach other countries and continents,” emphasized Gregor Novak, co-owner and development director of SunContract.

He pointed out that purchasing NFTs offers consumers great flexibility, as anyone can participate in the green transition and self-sufficiency, even if they cannot have their own solar power plant.

Since all 2112 NFTs of the first tokenized power plant in Višnje, which Dunlop also visited, have already sold out, the company has also tokenized three smaller power plants. The first tranche is already available on our NFT marketplace.

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