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We supply your electricity for the entire year at a pre-determined, contract price.

Please note: With SunContract, you can lower your contract price further through direct peer-to-peer energy agreements with electricity producers on our energy marketplace.

Would you like to know, what your contract price would be if you switched over to SunContract? Send us your latest electricity bill at [email protected] and we’ll send you an offer.

All small businesses will be subject to the following prices:

Small businesses consumers are low-voltage consumers other than household customers with a connected power of 43 kW or less.

Electricity Prices:
HT: 0,186 EUR/kWh
LT: 0,142 EUR/kWh
ST: 0,168 EUR/kWh
Prices don’t include VAT.
*** The pricing above also reflects the cost of electricity only. Business customers will still be subject to other charges including network charge, contributions etc.

Would you like to know what your contract price would be if you switched to SunContract?

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    Considering an investment in a solar power plant?

    Lower or completely eliminate your energy bill today.

    Solar plants are a smart and safe investment for businesses today, lasting them an upwards of 30 years.


    Energy Independence

    Depending on the size of the solar power plant, you can reduce or even entirely eliminate your electricity costs.

    Cut costs:

    By consuming electricity at the same location where it is produced, you can cut costs associated with network charge.

    Increased revenue

    Earn more by selling your surplus energy on the SunContract energy marketplace where you get to define your selling price.

    Breake-even faster:

    With various subsidies offered by the state for the construction of power plants, you can breakeven on your investment much faster!

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