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Open energy market of the Future

We successfully launched in the European Union in April 2018, working on new markets!

SunContract is a blockchain based company that is pioneering the decentralisation of the energy sector - tailoring it to maximize the welfare of the common man, rather than utilities. Our company’s business model directly connects energy customers (producers and consumers of electricity) in an open energy marketplace, allowing for P2P electricity trading to occur efficiently between the involved parties, without the need for an intermediary. Our customers on the SunContract platform range from residential households, to commercial faciltites as well as industrial-scale businesses. Through the platform, electricity consumers in Slovenia - EU are currently witnessing electricity cost reductions while supporting local producers of renewable energy. Local producers or renewable energy are also experiencing increased profits by selling their surpluses on the SunContract P2P energy marketplace.

The SunContract Project continues to receive backing years after successfully completing its Token Sale in August 2017. More recently, the project has received a $2,300,000 USD grant from the European Union's European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for a Research and Development project that will introduce artificial intelligence and automated trading on the SunContract platform. The project will be ongoing for the next 3 years, and its aim is to concretely show the positive business effects of blockchain technology and P2P energy trading, when upgraded with automated trading based on Artificial Intelligence.


By using renewable energy and buying green energy products from the SunContract platform, you can now back a community of small, local power producers and contribute towards a more sustainable environment for our future generations. Users on the SunContract platform can select exactly which sources of energy they prefer to use. Is it sun, wind, hydro or something else? The choice is yours!


For more than a century Electric Power Industry dominated the energy markets. They had full sovereignty over generating, transmitting, distributing and selling of electric power. This “natural monopoly” is about to change thanks to SunContract. Homeowners will now have the power to select their energy producer and individuals will be able to engage in an exchange of electricity directly with their neighbors and local community. From now on, you will be able to produce electricity in your home or buy it directly from the people you know.


With the SunContract platform, energy consumers have an option to pick not only the origin of their energy supply, but also the price they are comfortable with from a financial and ecological standpoint. On their personal dashboard, they are able to follow their daily energy consumption and adjust it as they see fit. Similarly, enery producers can define the price they are willing to sell their surplus energy at on the platform, and bid for consumer orders on the marketplace.


The SunContract platform is gaining a lot of trust from its customers due to the tamper-proof audit trail of data they have constant access to on the platform. Users on the platform have instant access to consumption and production insights which are immutable thanks to blockchain. Transparency of the platform breeds credibility among users and removes the need for intermediaries whose role has often been to createtrust in a chain of transactions or in the exchange of information. This offers huge productivity and efficiency savings, as well as ridding SunContract and its customers of unnecessary paper trailsorm enables full overview of your personal data, transparency and trustworthiness.

SunContract P2P Energy Marketplace

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